Have you ever felt that even the smallest questions are sometimes unanswered..??!!

Sometimes answering them might embarass or break some one..!! 

As like you even I have my own unanswered questions. 

Am I alive or dead..??

Is this my life or just a dream..?? 

Am I real or a fantasy..??

Do people love me or just bear me..??

Was I chosed to this or just a random..??

Are my friends really my friends or they just stick around cebause(because) they have no option..??

Am I really good person or just act that way..??

Do I really care or try to get noticed..??

Am I not that lovable..??

When she accepted me I cried & when she left me I cried. WHY..??

Do I really love her or just trying to show that even I can love..??

I dint move on cebause (because) I cant move on or to show that even I can hold..??

Such many more questions strangle in many ways. But, what I wanted to tell you is if you do anything with an emotion no need to question yourself with these questions cebause (because) these are for the emotionless people. But, if you start doing something with emotion, that means you are true. Your feelings and emotions are true. Dont try to find answers for such questions cebause (because) they doesnt matter now. Let the emotions splash on you like a wave. Live it. Love it. Cebause (because)………

                “LIFE IS A COCKTAIL ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿน”

The better girlย 

Most of the boys fall for many types of girls and most of the girls have this better girl.
Dont know how she looks like,

Dont know she sounds like,

Dont know how the way she is,

Boys get into a dilemmatic state when they hear about her cebause (because) once in a life time they had heard about this better girl from the person they want. “you’ll get a better girl than me” 

The most dilemmatic sentence,

Most confused statement, 

Feels can solve a puzzles or riddles of life easily than finding her,

Women why do you do this?

Remember if someone loves you thats cebause (because) they love the way “YOU” are.

No one is perfect, no one is better in your role playing other than you. Everyone has their uniqueness. Everything of you and your life is unique. You should know it. No one can play you other than you. Your the unique girl in the world and in his heart. Boys love different types of girls irrespective of their color, looks, mindset, behavior cebause(because) they love it. They never can get that better girl cebause (because) she never existed. No one is better or perfect until you consider it. I know some girls who make every day “my day”

“The web series and tagger girl” who watches a lot of web series and tags me in every possible meme,

“The pet lover girl” who loves all sort of dogs,

“The tiny girl” who gets happy over little things,

“The PMS girl” who always posts PMS type posts

They are not better or perfect girls, they are awesome girls for me. One of them is my life. I am here cebause (because) of her. So girls dont underestimate yourself. If there is any better girl its the future “YOU”. As always said 

“Life is full of imperfections and you are what you are” 

Night ๐ŸŒƒ

“Night” its not just a part of the day,

Its not just the disapperance of the sun,

Its not just sky turning black but, 

its something more than what it appears to be. Its the only time where you get your solitude and freedom for your thoughts and feelings. Its the only time to know what you are. Its the only time where everyone sleeps and you are awake for yourself, thinking, obsessing, caring, regretting, loving for what you did and to whom you did. When the city lights flash the dark streets my cerebrum flashes my dark thoughts. My inner feelings explode occupying my brain, invading my heart & start rolling out from my eyes. Cebause( because) its the only time where your stubbornness, carelessness, ignorance, avoidance, will power all gets arrested & you remember your true feeling for a person. Its the time you cant avoid your true feeling for a person even if you wanted to. Its the time you can realize how much you are caring, how much you’reโ€‹attached to a person who doesn’t want you anymore, how much you can love. Its the true part of the day. Its a beautiful moment to be yourself. Its the time you realize how lucky you are to know that you can love a person even knowing they hate you.

Its not just a night.

Its another life.

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